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Western United Score Big – and So Do You!


Western United Football Club is one step closer to being the first professional football club in Australia to own its own stadium, now that the State Planning Minister, Richard Wynne has signed off on an important planning amendment.

It’s great news for our local A-League team, and for all their fans and supporters here at Orchard. It means construction of the new 15,000 seat stadium on Sayers Road can begin mid-2021 and should be completed in time for the Women’s World Cup in 2023!

But our community will be getting much more than just a stadium. Delivered by Western Melbourne Group in conjunction with Wyndham City Council, it will form part of a huge sporting, entertainment, commercial, residential and community precinct that will spread out over some 70 hectares.

Ultimately the new precinct will also create jobs and provide our community with many economic and social benefits. Apart from the jobs created by the construction, there will be 125 ongoing full-time employment opportunities. All-up the economic benefits have been calculated at $147 million.

The next step is for the developer to submit a concept master plan for the site to Mr Wynne for approval, but that should not take long now that everyone involved appears keen to get the project up and running.

As our Tarneit MP Sarah Connolly said: “We are proud to have Western United Football Club based here and the development of the Wyndham Football Stadium will encourage the local community to come and see games and to get involved in sport.”

It was just two years ago that we wrote about the birth of Western United Football Club. But Tarneit is growing fast, and there’s more reason than ever to buy a membership and support your local team!

Image: A computer generated image of Western United’s proposed stadium. Source: Western United