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Wyndham Named UNESCO Global Network Learning City


The City of Wyndham has been included as a UNESCO Global Network Learning City (GNLC). The prestigious title recognises the Council’s work in helping residents improve their learning outcomes and its commitment to building a Learning City.

What does being a UNESCO GNLC mean for Wyndham? It means that the city becomes part of a top-quality learning network, and with this comes great opportunities to work with other cities and share knowledge across the globe.

In order to retain UNESCO GNLC status, Council is required to report back to UNESCO every two years, detailing how they’ve improved learning across the municipality. According to Learning City portfolio holder Josh Gilligan, this will involve ensuring learning facilities such as kinders and libraries are inclusive and equitable. Council will also advocate for schools and other education centres to do the same. This will foster and encourage the continued practice of lifelong learning throughout Wyndham.

“The focus of the network is making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable,” Cr Gilligan said.

“The advantages of continuing to learn include individual empowerment, social cohesion, and economic and cultural prosperity.”

Wyndham is just the second Australian city to be accepted into the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities after Melton joined the ranks in 2015.