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Wyndham City launches a New A-Z Recycling Guide to Help Residents

Wyndham City Recycling Guide

Wyndham City Council has launched a new Interactive Residential Waste Guide aimed at helping residents understand what can, and cannot, be recycled from A-Z!

The guide helps you find out where to place your waste to give it new life using a searchable database. From books and bottles to washing machines and windows, it’s all there with helpful links to services and locations to assist your recycling and waste disposal.

The guide will help reduce the amount of waste going into landfill, with council also calling on residents to think about how their friends, neighbours or family members could reuse items instead of throwing them away. Households are also encouraged to repair, rather than replace items where possible, either by enlisting the help of professionals like Remote Equipment Repairs or having a go at a little DIY. To further divert things from landfill, it’s also a great idea to trade useable items on websites such as Rosella Street or Facebook Marketplace.

There are some major benefits to recycling, not just for the planet but for people too! By reusing our resources, fewer raw materials need to be mined, drilled, and harvested. Plus, manufacturing new products from recycled materials uses less energy compared to the use of virgin materials. For instance, recycling one tonne of plastic saves enough energy to power 31 homes for a month. And maybe most importantly, recycling makes you happy! According to Planet Ark, a study across 27 countries found that people who recycle have higher life satisfaction levels and are overall happier people.

Please remember, if you cannot find an item listed in Wyndham City’s A-Z guide, or need further information, please contact Council’s Waste Education Team at or 1300 023 411.