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Orchard Park on Track for Spring Opening

Tarneit Community Orchard Park Construction Progress

Orchard Park is the heart of our community, so as the day of its completion draws closer we’re getting more and more excited!

And that day is not far off, because the Fleming’s team has been working tirelessly and doing a fantastic job.

All the subsurface works (such as drainage to ensure the park is fit for use all year round) are complete, and the shared walking and bike paths, as well as the retaining walls, are all in place.

Now, and for the next four weeks, Fleming’s will be planting the 120 trees that will grow and provide shade on those bright summer days. Lawns will be laid and grass sewn, so our community will have an open green space to run and kick a ball or to just sit and enjoy each other’s company.

Most importantly, the playground and picnic area will be completed. As far as the kids are concerned, this will undoubtedly be the focal point of Orchard Park – and playing here will be the highlight of their week!

Naturally, the playground will have swings, but there will also be a timber tower with a loopy slide, a forest cottage to explore, a timber tractor to climb, and a shelter under which mum and dad can sit and enjoy a picnic lunch while the kids run off all that energy.

The construction of Orchard Park has been on track for a spring launch all the way through, so it won’t be long now! Stay tuned for news about the grand opening!