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Get Active in Tarneit

Active Tarneit

It’s time to get moving with Active Tarneit! This awesome FREE sport, fitness, and recreation program offers regular weekly activities for all ages across the suburb. Facilitated by Reclink Australia and other local providers, Active Tarneit runs from February to July 2022, giving residents fantastic opportunities to get active with friends and family.

Part of the wider Active Wyndham calendar, the free program is a great way to try out new activities or maybe something you haven't done for a while. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and most importantly, get active to improve your health and wellbeing. Here’s what’s coming up near you!

Beginner Running Course

If you’ve always wanted to become a runner but lacked the know-how or struggled to find a group to join, this 12-week program is for you! The beginner-friendly course will take participants from jogging for 60 seconds up to 35 minutes of non-stop running in a supportive group setting.

More information:
When - Every Wednesday, 7:30pm-8:30pm
Where - Wootten Road Reserve
What to bring - water bottle, towel and wear comfortable activewear.

Burnout Bhangra

If you’re in the mood to groove, this upbeat class will be right up your street. Bhangra is a North Indian style of dance, it’s a high intensity workout that combines fun and fitness to really give you a great serotonin boost and relieve stress!

All sessions are 60 minutes, combining warm up, cardio dance workout, cool down and stretches. Anyone over the age of 12 can join and no prior experience is required.

More information:
When - Every Tuesday, 7pm-8pm
Where - Penrose Community Centre
What to bring - water bottle, towel and wear comfortable activewear.

Youth Fitness Sessions

If your teens have a bit of energy to burn and are just starting out at the gym, this program will be fantastic. Led by local personal trainer, Firaol, these fun and informative sessions mix strength and cardio exercises to develop fitness in a supportive and friendly environment.

Sessions will consist of mobility, weights, bodyweight, cardio and stretching, with exercises to cater for beginners, intermediates, and advanced experience levels.

All sessions will run for 60 minutes and are open to boys and girls aged 15 years + with everyone welcome no matter your fitness or experience level.

More information:
When - Every Saturday, 9:30am-10:30am
Where - Tarneit Community Learning Centre, Room 3
What to bring - water bottle, towel and wear comfortable activewear.

These are just a few, but there are so many awesome activities on offer, with something for all ages and fitness levels! Click here to see upcoming Active Tarneit sessions and to register.