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Discover the wonders of Wyndham


Image: Eynesbury Homestead. Source: Heritage Council Victoria 2008

The City of Wyndham has a long history, steeped in rural character and natural beauty. It’s as quintessentially Victorian as anywhere else in the state… if not more so, with its continued connection to heritage and the land! Here are some little-known facts about some of the nearby locales that Orchard Tarneit is neighbour to, that are yours to explore.

Little River

It may be called Little River, but this town’s impact on Australian culture has been very big indeed. In 2011, a semi-circular arrangement of rocks now known as Wurdi Youang was found nearby in Mount Rothwell, and was described by a CSIRO astrophysicist as indicating the setting sun at solstices and equinox, and could be up to 30,000 years old! Perhaps the town’s greatest claim to fame however is having served as the inspiration for the name of popular Australian musical act the Little River Band.

Point Cook

Originally founded as Point Cooke, the suburb was named after John M Cooke who served as mate on His Majesty’s vessel Rattlesnake. Once part of the Chirnside Brothers’ pastoral empire, from 1912 Point Cook became the home of the Australian Flying Corp, later the RAAF. In fact, it’s now the oldest continually operating airfield in the world!


This picturesque suburb is home to the Eynesbury Homestead, the grandest of four homesteads built by the Staughton family, the others being Exford, Nerowie, and Staughton Vale. It also hosts one of Victoria’s last remaining grey box forests, 228ha bordered by 64ha of native grassland and home to a diverse array of native fauna and flora including the diamond firetail, the native barking owl and the endangered swift parrot.


The Truganina School is a perfect example of what a community can do when it pulls together around a common end. Prior to its construction in 1869, schooling was conducted in private homes where women taught their neighbours children. Mr WT Muir, appointed to replace the founding Head Teacher Andrew Henna (whose son also served a year as head), initially found the quiet of the area dismaying. Nonetheless he stayed on for 28 years, and earned the deep respect of the district.

There are many more stories like this around Orchard, which will reward the adventurous and inquisitive. So get out there and truly discover your new corner of the world – you won’t regret it (and you may just learn something)!