Designing Your Home for the Future

designing home

Orchard is an incredibly family-friendly place to live. In fact, it’s so family-friendly we often see several generations living under the same roof; mum and dad, the kids and the grandparents, all contributing to our rich community.

Even if kids are enough for you, planning your home to accommodate a growing family is still a sensible approach. And there are definitely areas of your home worth thinking about.

A space for you and a space for them

This is a big one. When the kids are young it can be fun all snuggling up on the sofa together, and even as they grow into teenagers that connection is important to maintain. But sooner or later they will need their own space (probably with a gaming console), and you will appreciate not having to share the TV. Similarly, if you have your parents living with you, multiple living zones will be helpful.

The heart of the home

People gravitate towards the kitchen, so it’s a great idea to make sure yours can comfortably fit all the people in your home – and all the guests who will flock to visit you here at Orchard! So think about the flow of the kitchen to the dining area, a view to the garden so you can keep an eye on the kids while they’re playing outside, and how it works with your social living zones.

Somewhere to work

With 2020's COVID lockdown, many people have realised how important a good home office set-up is! Even if you don’t have to work from home, you probably have a computer you need to access from time to time, and somewhere for the kids to do their homework will become increasingly important. It’s also a handy space to store files and all those documents we collect over the years. But it might also be as simple as a study nook.

Somewhere to play

Your outdoor area should serve a variety of functions: somewhere to sit with friends and enjoy a conversation on a nice day; somewhere to cook on the barbecue; somewhere for the kids to play safely, and somewhere for the dog to run off excess energy. Everyone needs to be able to access your glorious multi-purpose outdoor space easily, too, particularly from the kitchen when you serve the family feast.

Just for you

A master suite with a walk-in robe and ensuite bathroom is almost mandatory these days. And let’s face it, you deserve a bit of luxury! While you’re at it, think about where the second bathroom should go – and will you need a third? A separate toilet that’s easy to access from the kitchen and outdoor area is also a great idea.

Pack it all away

Storage. It’s the one thing nobody ever has enough of, especially as the kids get older or if your parents move in with you (and bring a lifetime of detritus with them!). You can build extra storage into each room, the garage, maybe into the roof cavity, or you can even have an entire room devoted to storage. It’s entirely up to you.

Here at Orchard, we’re full of great ideas. Why not visit our Sales Office and chat with our friendly sales team about the possibilities for your future-proof home? Or just have a look through our incredible range of House & Land packages.