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More Active Open Space for Orchard Residents to Enjoy!


Hot on the heels of our wonderful Orchard Park, the strip of open space that runs through the north of our estate is currently under construction. Flemings Landscapes are once again hard at work, creating a beautiful place to exercise, relax, or just walk the dog and enjoy some fresh air.

The landscaped reserve will be gorgeous, as you would expect when Flemings are in charge. You will be able to enjoy the gardens from the path that will meander through the park, or from the comfort of the rustic bench seats thoughtfully positioned at convenient intervals along the way.

If fitness is your thing (or if you’d like it to be) you will love the built-in fitness stations. With moving balance beams, push-up bars, sit-up benches and double height hurdles, you will be able to add a proper workout to your morning run.

Construction is expected to be completed in May, which means our community will be able to enjoy more great open space just next month! We’ll keep you posted with updates as it draws closer to completion.